A Creative Placemaking Network

What We Do Now is a growing network of hubs, practitioners, and partners passionate about the power of creativity in supporting our communities in Dumfries and Galloway to shape their own futures.

Collectively we are part of a growing movement in community empowerment and collaborative working towards wider social change. As a network, we celebrate best practice in creative placemaking* as a route to building a better society.

We work collaboratively with communities and diverse partners to develop work that is:

  • Explorative 
  • Community-led
  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative
  • Reflective

The network is co-ordinated by The Stove, an arts and community organisation based in Dumfries, southwest Scotland, using creative activity and community-led programming to bring people together to work for positive change.

*Creative Placemaking is a community led approach that uses creative activity to support collective decision-making and positive change for people and the places they live.

kNOw One Place breakout of people with Kirstin McEwan.


Join a network of activators, creative freelancers, businesses, community groups and organisations

Professional assistance, consulting and training to support the development of creative placemaking projects

Develop ideas to ignite, inspire, and provoke new and imaginative explorations within your communities

The WWDN Community

The WWDN network shares a collective vision for using creativity to activate and enable the latent power within our communities. Through our work, and that of our members, we aim to connect, innovate and influence, building local knowledge, skills, and capacity in creative placemaking as a driver for community-led change.

The WWDN Membership is a community of practice to develop, share, and advocate for best practice in creative placemaking.

Membership is open to practitioners (individual or collective) from around the globe and community groups and organisations operating within Dumfries and Galloway.

Through our Membership, WWDN aims to present a shared voice, raising the profile of creative placemaking, and influencing local and regional policies towards more inclusive and creative engagement in decision-making.

This work can be challenging, establishing collaborative processes, resourcing, navigating bureaucratic systems, and building the capacity for work to have long-term impact for communities. The WWDN network is a space to navigate challenges together, supporting members individually as well as building shared and collective capacity that can be drawn on.

As a member you will:

We have different membership packages, all set at an affordable rate

If you are interested in following our creative placemaking journey, you can sign up to our mailing list for news, updates, and developments:

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