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WWDN is co-ordinated by The Stove, an arts and community organisation in southwest Scotland. The WWDN Network works with members to use creative and collaborative approaches to develop community-led activity and work towards larger placemaking projects and shared outcomes (wellbeing, health, employability, net zero, economic sustainability).

Membership is made up of individuals, groups, community organisations and partners working in Dumfries and Galloway and practitioners from a wider community of practice across the country.

Creative placemaking uses creative activities to bring people together in communities and establish collective methods of exploring and shaping ideas about the future of their place in ways that benefit those involved. It is an approach to asking questions and creating ways of working that build connections and support innovative and collaborative solutions to shared challenges.

Creative placemaking in Scotland is emerging as a critical tool for using creativity and culture as a bridge to cross-sector working towards shared outcomes (e.g. health, wellbeing, net zero, economic sustainability, employability). 

We define it as a community led approach that uses creative activity to support collective decision-making and positive change for people and the places they live.

The WWDN Membership

Our Membership is the network. It is made up of community embedded organisations in Dumfries and Galloway who host/facilitate creative placemaking work in their locality, creative practitioners working in (or interested in working in) community embedded ways, and place-based partners working across sectors.

The WWDN Team

The WWDN Team is made up of a core staff (WWDN Director, Membership Manager, Marketing, Communications and IT support), draws on The Stove team for governance, creative development, financial management, HR, and works with a pool of associates to bring bespoke expertise and additional capacity across programming and activity.

The Advisory Group

The Advisory Group supports the WWDN network to identify priority themes and collaborative opportunities for the network across sectors. It is made up of network members (practitioners, groups, and organisations) together with representatives from across other sectors (health, education, employability, place planning, enterprise, environment) connected to placemaking work in Dumfries & Galloway.

The Stove

The WWDN network is hosted by The Stove and builds on a creative placemaking approach grown from more than 10 years of rural based practice in the South of Scotland alongside wider research and consultation.  The Stove has been working within communities using creativity as a tool for community-led change since it was established in 2011. One of the early social enterprises initiated through the creative placemaking work of The Stove is Midsteeple Quarter which has a national profile as one of the most significant community-led developments in Scotland. Read more about The Stove’s story of regeneration in Dumfries town centre.

The WWDN Team

A core team look after the management and facilitation of the network, supported by expertise from The Stove, associates, and an Advisory Group.

kNOw One Place

Scotland’s first ever creative placemaking forum, was an ambitious, future-thinking discussion on how communities can use creativity to lead the development of their places.

Zoom conference screen capture showing four rows of 5 headshots from those who attended.

Pilot Project

The WWDN pilot worked with creative practitioners and community partners (place hubs) in five places across Dumfries & Galloway as part of Scotland’s Culture Collective programme.

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