Partnership working across sectors is central to the WWDN project, this brings together artists, community groups, organisations and regional agencies to work with the communities of each place and imagine new futures through creative action.

Regional Partners

Regional partners are regional arts organisations working across D&G. They have come together regularly to meet with WWDN artists and communities and, as projects have developed, they have shared expertise and connected WWDN projects with other programming and projects across the region.

WWDN Strategic Partners

Strategic partners initially explained to the WWDN artists and communities about the part they play in supporting community initiatives and learning. As the project has developed our Strategic Partners have been on hand to support individual ideas come to fruition. 

DG Council has convened a Community Place Planning Partnership at which all the Strategic Partners are represented and the WWDN project is featured in meetings as a pilot for a regional Creative Placemaking approach. Creative Placemaking uses the work of artists working with communities to support the voice of less often heard sections of the community to be part of local planning and decision-making. 

This partnership approach has been there from the start, bringing together the learning and experiences of 21 community organisations across Dumfries and Galloway to talk about their work as part of the Embers Research. It has been a central thread through the development of projects and activities with local groups and helped us develop an understanding of what is needed to continue to support and grow creative community embedded work in our places.

The vision of  WWDN as a network approach to creative placemaking for Dumfries and Galloway has been made possible by the commitment and support of everyone involved and is now forming a vital part of development and recovery plans across the region.

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