Arts, Communities & Place – May 2023

Arts, Communities & Place brought together organisations and agencies, alongside freelancers and microbusinesses, to galvanise a Scottish Borders-wide contribution to regional placemaking, regeneration, and how the sector can better support creative freelancer.

‘A Culture of Participation’ – April 2023

In a new blog – A Culture of Participation aka ‘Growing Our Own Culture – Matt Baker, Orchestrator of The Stove Network, takes a look at the culture of participation. He examines how we value and fund sport in Scotland and how this could positively enhance culture in Scotland and deliver on our national culture strategy.

kNOw One Place – September 2022

KNOw One Place took place in Dumfries in September 2022 and was an ambitious, future-thinking discussion on how communities can use creativity to lead the development of their places. Through a mixture of open space discussion and expert reflection, exhibition, and original artworks, it brought people together from public, private, independent, and charitable sectors to share and co-create an agenda for creativity and placemaking for the future.

Evaluation Report – September 2022

The What We Do Now – Evaluation Snapshot Sept. 2022 highlights key learnings from the project’s first phase as a resource for developing the potential and scope of creative placemaking to promote economic wellbeing, social enterprise, and community development within and beyond the WWDN project.

The two independent Evaluators for this report are: Jenny Elliott, Urban Designer (CMLI) and Visual Communication and Shawn Bodden, Geographer and Evaluation Researcher

Creative Placemaking – Digital Events

Recently a series of digital events examined various aspects of creative placemaking, the community-led approach that uses creative activity to lead decision-making and regeneration for a place. 

These brought together the public, private, independent, and charitable sectors through open space discussion, expert reflection, an exhibition, and original artworks.

Embers Report

Embers – Creative Placemaking for the South of Scotland lays out a Vision and Approach to growing our places as prosperous, sustainable and resilient communities. It examines the role of creativity in effective placemaking work to inspire change and grow local activity and projects responsive to local need. The report highlights the prominence of the Cultural and Creative Industries in this work and the networked approach that has grown up in the last decade. 

  • Put Creative Placemaking at the heart of building prosperous and healthy communities, supporting grassroots enterprise and innovation and informing our region’s wider strategic agenda 
  • Establish an innovative framework of support, resource and expertise that considers localised economies of places to build a network of opportunity, learning and collaboration 
  • The South of Scotland will be a leader in rural enterprise and community-led regeneration and innovation, growing national and international partnerships and opportunity for the South.

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