Alice Francis and Rosie Giblin

Established Artist in Dumfries

Alice and Rosie are a mother and daughter duo who have been working together for the past 11 years on art and activism projects.

Alice studied sculpture in Edinburgh and then went on to spend the nineties making site-specific temporary public artworks using performance, film, and installation and facilitating theatrical/celebratory community art projects, working with diverse marginalised groups. Her most recent ongoing project ‘Sisterwood’ is a free natural building camp organised by womxn and for womxn that aims to empower participants with the skills to build their own tiny home.

Rosie studied sculpture and environmental art at Glasgow School of Art and after graduating traveled through Central America for three years on her bicycle doing street theatre and collecting stories and interviews about borders, migration, and freedom.

Alice and Rosie are confident makers, use a wide range of mediums, and are unafraid to be bold, experiment, or take on large-scale projects. They believe in the transformative power of art as a tool for social change.

‘This project has been a great lesson in the time it takes to make art that is really truly community lead, just as we are beginning to make strong connections with people a year suddenly seems very short, imagine the possibilities if we had five years…” Alice

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