Sian Yeshe

Emerging Artist in Langholm

Sian Yeshe

Sian explores people-based narratives through a practice founded in documentary film and installation.

Using visual and audio narratives Sian facilitates the communication of issues faced in often underrepresented communities, particularly in a rural context. Wishing her work to be approachable she rarely shows in galleries, preferring to create physical installations in situ and release work digitally.

It is her hope that her work can not only uplift the communities she engages with but also shine a light on the diversity of life within these communities.

“I’m really exited to be part of WWDN as it not only a great opportunity to develop my career as an emerging artist within a network of support but it’s also a great opportunity to work within a community that I call home. My shared experience with the young people within the town is fascinating to explore throughout the project, hopefully enabling me to enhance their development as young adults.”

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