Castle Douglas Update

Castle Douglas Update

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As the WWDN project develops, we’re excited to share with you an update from the towns, community groups (place hubs) and artists involved.

Currently in the research and development stage of the yearlong initiative, each of the five towns represented by the project, have begun to outline their respective project approaches, in collaboration with the commissioned artists and place hubs. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you, the ideas evolving in each place and hearing from the community groups from each town, with video and images provided by our Documentarian Duo, Patrick Rooney and Kirstin McEwan.

The What We Do Now project, in Castle Douglas, has begun by finding practical ways for the community to meet the commissioned artists, Martin Danziger and Kiera Manson.

The artists attended Castle Douglas’ food and bike festival in July 2021, running three short circus workshops for children, on Market Hill in the Talking Horse marquee, which was very well received by the community!

Martin and Keira have engaged an action research approach to get to know CDDF and the community through participating in a live event to understand better what the community needs and hopes for.

Through conversations, and active participation, we hope to begin to shape our What We Do Now project in Castle Douglas around community interests and needs. Our hopes are to build a vision that incorporates community arts as central to our development of Castle Douglas as a family friendly town and a place for creative play.

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