WWDN Digital – Programme + Introductory Webinar

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  • WWDN Digital – Programme + Introductory Webinar

    WWDN Digital – Programme + Introductory Webinar

    WWDN Digital is supporting the launch of three programmes across the WWDN Network. An online webinar will launch our programme of digital media sessions taking place in the newly established […]

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  • Visit the Travelling Gallery

    Visit the Travelling Gallery

    Travelling Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in a bus, will be visiting some of the What We Do Now (WWDN) place hubs in November. A great example of creative placemaking […]

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  • People, Place and Community Seminars

    People, Place and Community Seminars

    Hosted by the IHR’s Centre for the History of People, Place and Community. This seminar series focus on the theme of co-producing histories of place and many of its seminars […]

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  • Spotlight on Sanquhar

    Spotlight on Sanquhar

    ‘So It Is’ was an exhibition of photographic work by What We Do Now artists Saskia Coulson and Colin Tennant. The images were on display at A’ the Airts in […]

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  • Spotlight on Langholm

    Spotlight on Langholm

    Documentarian Patrick Rooney recently visited Langholm to find out what’s happening at the Xcel Project. The Xcel Project started in 2005 and was set-up to provide opportunities for young people in the […]

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  • Gathering in Galashiels

    Gathering in Galashiels

    On 7 March 2023, representatives from across the arts and community sector gathered in Galashiels for the first ever get together looking at the significant contribution of art and culture to […]

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  • Get involved in Lockerbie

    Get involved in Lockerbie

    A number of events are taking place in Lockerbie Town Hall as part of What We Do Now. On Thursday 20 and 27 April, and on 4 May you can […]

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  • Lockerbie Cyanotype Project

    Lockerbie Cyanotype Project

    What is happening in Lockerbie and what is a cyanotype? What We Do Now Lockerbie artist Elizabeth Stephenson explains more. In my role as creative practitioner in Lockerbie as part […]

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  • Digital Workshops in Stranraer

    Digital Workshops in Stranraer

    What We Do Now (WWDN) artist Rory Laycock is hosting a new workshop, join_link add_, exploring 3D printing and digital scanning alongside other digital creative activities. There will be eight […]

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  • Catching Up With A’ The Airts

    Catching Up With A’ The Airts

    There is a lot happening at A’ The Airts in Sanquhar. So we had a chat with Yvonne Barber, Centre Manager at A’ The Airts, to find out more about […]

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