Consultation Services

To assist your project, the WWDN Network can offer direction, management, and leadership in a variety of areas including:

  • Creative development to design, initiate and resource creative placemaking projects
  • Advice and best practice in community-embedded working and decision-making
  • Design for creative community engagement and visioning
  • Identifying and building cross-sector partnerships 
  • Design of systems and agreements for collaborative working between community groups, partners, other stakeholders and creative freelancers
  • A full range of project management support (contracting, systems set-up, finance and fundraising, project coordination, evaluation, marketing and communication, policy review, community engagement, artist support)
  • Development of assets/resources (e.g. physical space)
  • Organisational development and capacity building
  • Working as a critical friend alongside partner organisations
  • Bespoke consultancy and training support packages for all of the above

Want to find out more about Consultation Services?

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