The programme adopts a broad and inclusive approach, intentionally avoiding predetermined outcomes. Recognising the diverse applications of artistic practice, the programme encourages curiosity and experimentation within a robust framework. 

Members of the What We Do Now network are invited to get in touch to co-develop Sparks commissions with us. This may be a short or long-term piece of work in connection to a place, community, or an organisation / agency working in a place / community as part of supporting larger creative placemaking projects to develop. 

The WWDN core team will support the delivery and management of Sparks commissions working with those involved to think about the longer-term potential and legacy of work and activity that is initiated through Sparks.

 The primary objectives of Sparks are:

What We Do Now can partially or fully fund Sparks commissions and will work with you to develop briefs, collaborative delivery frameworks, and agree project management and financing structures. 

What could it look like?

Why Sparks?

This programme recognises the transformative potential of creative practice in shaping broader methodologies, projects, and strategies for communities and organisations across a diverse spectrum of sectors and focuses, ranging from agriculture and urban planning to climate and well-being.

It is an experimental initiative, bridging artists and creative practitioners with non-traditional spheres from community enterprises and groups to third sector organisations and local authorities. 

It promotes imaginative and collaborative approaches to tackle challenges, unearth new opportunities, and foster innovative ways of working across a wide array of community development, enterprise, place-based, and community well-being initiatives, from energy and agriculture to heritage and public realm.

It builds upon the foundation laid by the What We Do Now pilot programme, leveraging the valuable experience gained by the founding network. Additionally, it draws from the expertise of The Stove, a nationally recognised organisation renowned for integrating artistic practices into community-led regeneration, wellbeing economy and place-based culture initiatives.  

How to Enquire about a Sparks Commission

1. Enquire about a commission:

  • Email with the subject line “Sparks Commission Enquiry”.
  • A team member will respond to set up a conversation with you to talk about your idea.

2. Develop your brief:

  • The conversation will focus on identifying:
    • Key themes
    • Questions
    • Practicalities

Selection Criteria:

Proposals will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Experience of those involved 
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Robust project management structures. WWDN can provide support
  • Financial viability
  • Suitability for the context/environment and location

Got a Question?

If you would like to find out more about WWDN, how you can get involved, services and membership benefits then get in touch!

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