Dumfries Update

Dumfries Update

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As the WWDN project develops, we’re excited to share with you an update from the towns, community groups (place hubs) and artists involved.

Currently in the research and development stage of the yearlong initiative, each of the five towns represented by the project, have begun to outline their respective project approaches, in collaboration with the commissioned artists and place hubs. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you, the ideas evolving in each place and hearing from the community groups from each town, with video and images provided by our Documentarian Duo, Patrick Rooney and Kirstin McEwan.

The Dumfries project is called ‘Living in Flats Together’ and will see artists Alice Francis, Rosie Giblin and Andy Brooke work with the residents of the c.70 flats that make up the six housing blocks on Dunlop Road in Lochside.

The commissioned artists are working through the project Place Hub, LIFT D+G and building a working relationship with Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership who own and manage the flats.

The artists ran a workshop activity as part of the recent Lochside Gala and got a fantastic response from community members, their focus now is on an initial series of pop-up events for the Dunlop Road residents which will involve food and creative activities, this will be first of series of events aimed at co-creating with residents a shared set of aims for their year together.

The artists hope to develop new spaces for longer-term activities with residents through the year and co-create some meaningful improvements for Dunlop Road.

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