Freelance Commission Opportunity – Website Developer / Designer

Freelance Commission Opportunity – Website Developer / Designer

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WWDN is seeking to work with a web developer/designer to support the design, development and delivery of a web-based platform that will build on the styling of the current website and support the next phase (Stage 2) of the WWDN project.

The next phase of the website should house key information, including all related content across its geographical and thematic landscape, relevant recourses and include the introduction of a membership login portal.

Fee: 10 Days at £300 P/D (£3,000 in total)

Working with the WWDN project team, the designer/developer will creatively develop the platform, interface, and technical design of the website, taking into consideration priorities such as accessibility, brand awareness, integration and ‘signposting’ to other platforms that may be used throughout the project’s development.


The designer/developer will work with the WWDN project team in Stage 2 to pinpoint and build the key elements of the project in order to support its legacy, future proofing the site.

Elements of the webpage to consider:

  • WordPress platform
  • Membership model with user login-in
  • News, blogs/articles, and archive
  • Interactive elements (for eg: forums, chat, email forms*)
  • Events listing features
  • Galleries/spaces to house documentation
  • Integration of related project materials (videos, other documentation)

The webpage should be considered as an extension of the project’s brand, a ‘digital artwork’ in and of itself, whilst maintaining the current brand identity (guidelines will be provided).

Regular check-ins on the development and design of the website will be expected between the designer/developer and the WWDN project team to align the project needs with the design and development of the website. These check-ins will be negotiated on the appointment of the designer/developer.

As part of Stage 2 project fee the designer/developer will host 1-2 working sessions with the WWDN internal team to ensure maintenance and development of the webpage can be managed in-house.

How to Apply

A note of your interest in the commission and a brief outline of how you will approach the brief.

Please provide three examples of your work (preferably active websites) and / or a portfolio of work – no larger than 10mb

All applications should be sent by email to:

Deadline – Monday 13 November.

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