Langholm Update

Langholm Update

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As the WWDN project develops, we’re excited to share with you an update from the towns, community groups (place hubs) and artists involved.

Currently in the research and development stage of the yearlong initiative, each of the five towns represented by the project, have begun to outline their respective project approaches, in collaboration with the commissioned artists and place hubs. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you, the ideas evolving in each place and hearing from the community groups from each town, with video and images provided by our Documentarian Duo, Patrick Rooney and Kirstin McEwan.

OutPost Arts will work with artists Jim Buchanan and Sian Yeshe to re-activate existing play and meeting spaces, and create new digital spaces for young people focusing on themes of ‘Ownership & Voice’.

Emerging artist, Sian Yeshe, is working with young people in Langholm through the Arts Bronze Award in Langholm High School, exploring the role of film and filmmaking in the creative expression of young people’s voices. Whilst in residence, Sian is exploring the use of digital technology to create in collaboration with young people, an online space, owned, managed, and programmed by people under 25 in Langholm.

Artist Jim Buchanan is exploring play as a means of activating forgotten spaces within the town. From play parks to trails, Buchanan is focused on uniting community voices around the possibilities of play through a variety of creative activities from parkour to projection to illuminate and inspire new imaginative possibilities for the future use of these areas.

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