People + Power

People + Power

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An online series of talks looking into the role creativity has in the development of our places as part of The Stove Network’s kNOw One Place programme.

Un-earthing new perspectives on people and power, place, space, and practice, this series hosts some of the country’s most exciting artists, thinkers, and producers at the front line of social art, wellbeing, economy, activism, and community development. In each talk, our speakers will investigate the themes supporting creative placemaking* and its potential to influence change from the grassroots to the government. 

*We define Creative Placemaking as: a community led approach that uses creative activity to support collective decision-making and positive change for people and the places they live.

  • Can we shift power to within our communities so actions come “from” a place and are not “done” to a place? 
  • What is it that brings us together, helps shape shared goals and move towards new community-led futures for our places? 
  • Can creative practice help give people more power and help under-represented voices be heard in decision-making? 

To explore this theme we will be joined by Adrian Sinclair, co-founder of Heads Together Productions and UNION: The Northern School for Creativity and Activism. Drawing on his experiences, Adrian will share insights into bringing people together, to find common purpose, building partnerships over time and understanding where power sits and shifts within relationships.

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Adrian Sinclair – Director – Union

Adrian has been involved with radical and social change movements since the 1980s, including founding Leeds-based Heads Together Productions. He has overseen a range of place-based work from community theatre to collaborative documentaries, even laying 800sqm of turf on a residential street (leading to government policy change and £60million investment in home zones across England).

Having overseen the creation of Chapel FM Arts Centre, the first-ever arts venue in the estates of East Leeds, Adrian is focussed on developing training pathways for people within the sector, specifically developing UNION: The Northern School for Creativity and Activism. An experienced facilitator, he is also trained as a coach with RD1st in Lancaster.

All events will have BSL interpretation and captioning options for those that require it

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