Nicknamed ‘The Queen of the South’, Dumfries is the largest town in South West Scotland. It has been a market town since Roman times, it was also where Robert Burns spent the last years of his life, dying here in 1796.

Place Hubs

Lift D&G formed in 2016 and has become bigger than they ever anticipated. Established and run by a group of caring people, they are focussed helping people,  making a difference and giving back to the community. Northwest Dumfries is a housing estate on the outskirts of Dumfries and listed in the top 5% on index of multiple deprivation. LIFT is a community group focused on bringing together the community in celebration, activity and development of their place. They have now expanded their reach to the wider NW Dumfries and are forming partnerships across the region.

Exploring the themes of Belonging and Pride, Established artists Alice Francis and Rosie Giblin, and emerging artist Andy Brooke are collaborating with Lift D&G.

The Stove Network is an award-winning arts and community organisation based in the heart of Dumfries High Street. 

They use arts and creativity to encourage, to gather, learn and bring life back to Dumfries town centre.

The Stove Network works hard to raise the profile of our creative community and our town through regular opportunities, workshops, events and projects.

They are a a hub for the creative community of Dumfries. So if you have an idea, need some space or even advice on starting a project or want to partner with us – get in touch!

Dumfries is a founding members of the WWDN network – if you are interested in joining please contact us and sign up to the mailing list for future developments.

The Artists

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