Reflections – Rosie Giblin

Reflections – Rosie Giblin

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As What We Do Now transitions towards an exciting new phase, those involved reflect on their experience.

Rosie studied sculpture and environmental art at Glasgow School of Art and after graduating, traveled through Central America for three years on her bicycle doing street theatre and collecting stories and interviews about borders, migration, and freedom. Rosie looks back at some of the highlights of this time.

Why did you want to be involved in WWDN?

What have you learned during phase 1 of WWDN?

The work in North West Dumfries highlighted as part of the Your Place exhibition

What has been your highlight of phase 1 of WWDN?

What has been the biggest challenge during phase 1 of WWDN?

How did you get in your artistic field?

Welcoming the ‘ArtCabin’

What inspires you generally?

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