Culture Collective, The Possibilities 

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In this session, Simon Sharkey concentrates on the artistry and the opportunities that arts and culture present in this new paradigm we are shifting into. He facilitates exploration and ideation of ways in which the “collective” can unite around great ideas when collaborating with communities, and a wide range of agendas held by local and national organisations.

Simon was one of the founding directors of the National Theatre of Scotland (NTS), where he pioneered the “Theatre Without Walls” approach across Scotland and the rest of the world. Over 15 years with NTS he created a programme of genre-defying participatory and professional arts projects and festivals that reached globally and impacted locally.

Since leaving NTS in 2018 he formed “The Necessary Space” which he calls a “Theatre of Opportunity.” A director, writer, and most recently, a documentary filmmaker and keynote speaker, he helped design the culture collective and has been advising on a wide range of cultural initiatives across Scotland and the rest of the world. 

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