Space (physical and conversational)

Space (physical and conversational)

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An online series of talks looking into the role creativity has in the development of our places as part of The Stove Network’s kNOw One Place programme.

Un-earthing new perspectives on people and power, place, space, and practice, this series hosts some of the country’s most exciting artists, thinkers, and producers at the front line of social art, wellbeing, economy, activism, and community development. In each talk, our speakers will investigate the themes supporting creative placemaking* and its potential to influence change from the grassroots to the government. 

*We define Creative Placemaking as: a community led approach that uses creative activity to support collective decision-making and positive change for people and the places they live.

  • What spaces are needed to support experimentation within our communities; to share, test and explore ideas that address the needs of the places we live with those that live there?
  • How are conversational spaces initiated and maintained? 
  • What is the role of creativity in these spaces, and how do artists work with communities in the realisation of these?

To dig into some of these questions and explore the challenges that can arise we will be talking to Dr Emma Coffield, an artist, researcher interested in artist-led space use and initiatives. Emma will be sharing her experiences of creating spaces that bring people together with artists; what it means to be a “broker” within these spaces, how you need to remain open, and the support that is needed for all to feel welcome and empowered.

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Dr Emma Coffield – Lecturer in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies – Newcastle University

Dr Emma Coffield is a Lecturer in Museum, Gallery, and Heritage Studies at Newcastle University. Her research focuses on artist-run / led initiatives and forms of self-organisation in the visual arts, particularly meanwhile space provision in the North-East of England. Much of this work is collaborative and transdisciplinary – such as the collection of projects run under the More Than Meanwhile Spaces banner, which aim to foster long-term, co-developed futures for grassroots art initiatives.

The latest iteration of this work concentrates on the Clayton Street Corridor, a new Cultural and Creative Zone in Newcastle. This will engage artists in local arts-policy, establishing new channels of communication and trust. Emma also works on employability in the cultural and creative industries, and she teaches on a wide variety of post-graduate programmes. 

All events will have BSL interpretation and captioning options for those that require it

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