WWDN Digital – Programme + Introductory Webinar

WWDN Digital – Programme + Introductory Webinar

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WWDN Digital is supporting the launch of three programmes across the WWDN Network. An online webinar will launch our programme of digital media sessions taking place in the newly established digital suites of A’ the Airts (Sanquhar) and XL Youth Projects (Langholm) alongside workshops at The Stove (Dumfries).


The introductory webinar will be supported by facilitators and hosts from across this diverse programme will share their work and approach to digital working covering topics from print, radio, film, music production, gaming, and podcasting to basic IT skills.

Our Facilitators

Derry Rogerson: Passionate about all things IT and web design, I’ve recently returned to Scotland to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. Founding Battlestations LTD, my company specializes in gaming streaming and content creation. With a deep-seated love for hardware and software across various technologies, I’m dedicated to delivering top-notch gaming experiences. Through Battlestations LTD, I aim to push boundaries, inspire creativity, and foster community within the gaming world. Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of gaming and content creation together.

Saskia Coulson (CT Productions): Coulson & Tennant (Saskia Coulson & Colin Tennant) are an award winning artist partnership who develop projects through a lens-based practice, combining genres of documentary and fine art. They create artistic, documentary and environmental work for a wide range of clients and organisations as well as their own personal projects. They have travelled to some of the most remote places in the world but their favourite place is Dumfries & Galloway and they have been living in Thornhill for the past three years. They have worked on many film and photography projects across the region but also enjoy sharing their passion for image making and all things digital through the various teaching projects they have been involved in.

Halina Rifai: Halina Rifai is a podcast producer, music writer, PR & digital marketer. She founded music site Podcart in 2009 and went on to become a Podcast Producer, working with the likes of The Big Light, BBC Scotland, The Ferret, Mental Health Foundation, Fringe of Colour and many more.  Podcasts she has worked on and continue to work on include Sheku Bayoh: The Inquiry, A Sonic Hug, Before the Applause and Word Up! Halina is Communications Manager for We Are Here Scotland – A space aimed at supporting and raising the voices of Black People and People of Colour creatives across Scotland. She is also co-curator of award-winning Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh live music series AMPLIFI.

Geoff McQueen: Geoff McQueen is a seasoned professional in the world of audio production. With a background in podcasting, radio production, and academia, he’s produced and presented for the BBC and several community radio stations across the UK. Geoff’s main interest lies in exploring the practical applications of innovative sound use. With a decade of solid experience in teaching at further and higher education levels, he’s committed to sharing his knowledge and shaping the next generation of audio creators. In his spare time, you’ll likely find him tinkering with audio equipment or running (slowly) in the hills of Dumfries and Galloway.

Kathleen Cronie: Mostly Ghostly, a quirky quartet of award-winning storytellers, are the creators of an eclectic range of ghost and local history tours based in Dumfries and Galloway. Thriving on their collective passion for history, folklore, and the supernatural, they bring the region’s hidden and curious aspects to life. Established in 2008, Mostly Ghostly’s dynamic collaborations and passionate delivery have made them known for warm welcomes and engaging experiences. Their commitment to promoting Dumfries and Galloway as a destination of discovery extends to founding the Festival of Folklore and can be seen through their various tailored events and community ventures across the region.

Craig Duncan: Is a friendly, creative game-making Scot experienced in design and production management. They started their game development journey in 2016 and haven’t looked back. Craig adores coming up with fun and novel experiences for players while working alongside diverse and talented teams. Having worked on 2 shipped games and backed up with the academic excellence of Abertay University, they continue with their game development journey as a freelancer.

Though activities are mostly aimed at a younger audience there will be sessions available for all ages and this introductory session is open to all who are interested.

This programme is funded through the Scottish Government Community Led Local Development Fund, administered from Dumfries and Galloway by Third Sector D&G.

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