kNOw One Place

KNOw One Place was a two day forum, facilitated by The Stove Network, for people working in, and for those interested in, the field of Creative Placemaking. It took place in Dumfries in September 2022 and was an ambitious, future-thinking discussion on how communities can use creativity to lead the development of their places. 

Through a mixture of open space discussion and expert reflection, exhibition, and original artworks, it brought people together from public, private, independent, and charitable sectors to share and co-create an agenda for creativity and placemaking for the future.

The values, principles and delivery challenges of creative placemaking work within communities was explored through the themes of:

  • Space: Physical and Conversational
  • People and Power
  • Communities
  • Creative Practice
  • Society and Activism

A series of digital events examined these aspects of creative placemaking, inviting expert reflections from practitioners from across the country who also played the role of Provocateur as part of the Forum. 

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