Jim Buchanan

Established Artist in Langholm

Jim Buchanan

Jim is a renowned labyrinth-maker and artist, working on exciting and ambitious installation and labyrinth projects.

Based in Dumfriesshire for over twenty years, he lives with his wife and two sons. Born in Bristol in 1965, Jim spent most of his formative years on the Donegal coast of Ireland. His childhood play space was defined by how far he could walk or run, and then return home, in a day. This freedom of movement across wild landscape, dotted with pre-Christian archaeological spaces infuses his current work, and that of his major past-time, running.  

A Canadian children’s hospital is currently using two of Jim’s ‘labyrinths of light’ for clinical therapies, and quantitative research is being undertaken to measure the degree of positive calming achieved.

“Community based practise takes time. Time to ask questions. Time to listen. Time to reflect, and then maybe have to rephrase the question. The What We Do Now project concept is enriching my understanding of framing of the question.”

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